Friday, January 14, 2011

can i trust myself?

How do you know who you can trust? I say, go with your gut feeling. I was a person whose self esteem was somewhat low, so I never trusted my instincts. I was always second guessing myself and chose to believe everyone. Maybe we did that lead to trouble, a lot of wasted time and continuous heart ache. At a certain point and age the heart can only take so much. It was time to think with my head and go with what my gut told me, no matter how hard it might be. Wouldn’t you know, the minute I began living out this thought process my self-esteem starting growing and my mental health began to gain some stability. From that point I began to be a whole person and not just the "shadow" of others. Then something really great happened, I was able to love me. What came next maybe it was amazing, I was ready for it and open my heart again to love. Now I am not saying that you should not trust people, I am saying that if something does not feel right then go with what you feel. Its acceptable. Then, for real, trust intuition and it starts with self-trust. I am happy with that.

-this is just a free open writing, nothing touches the real life of someone,something and somehow-


  1. Trust yourself before trust anyone. Listen to that song...

    There's a hero
    If you look inside your heart
    You don't have to be afraid
    Of what you are

    There's an answer
    If you reach into your soul
    And the sorrow that you know
    Will melt away

    And then a hero comes along
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside
    And you know you can survive

    So when you feel like hope is gone
    Look inside you and be strong
    And you'll finally see the truth
    That a hero lies in you

    Trust and believe yourself Syl because when you feel everyone is turning their back on you at least you have yourself to believe in...