Friday, September 2, 2011

i wish, i cant, i hope, it never was...

sometimes I wish people weren’t so complicated. I wish I could be them, so I could get a glimpse into their minds and understand and completely interpret them. I wish I could read a manual on them and know everything and how to work them, what makes them tick and stall, how to tear them apart and reassemble them, using diagrams and I wish they could be like a puzzle that is easily solved. I wish I could see all their faucets.

I wish Google could answer the questions I run into on a daily basis with the people I love, because that’s how I function and deal with problems, when I have the reading materials and tangible evidence to base my thoughts on. Oh, but, people, people are just unnecessarily complicated. Great. I’m not cut out for this work. I feel like if I break everything down into lists, that somehow everything will get easier and I’ll cope better. There’s so much happening in the next couple months and so much else that still needs to get done. I feel like lists would let me order things into levels of urgency, let me tackle it better. To-do lists of all kinds are swimming around in my head, among them, worries about my exam nearby coming; the preparation  that i do and the assignment along the way.

Funny how it took this long for people to realize that you’ve been right all along. It’s great how timing can really work it’s way through, and being alone in one’s solitude is where my thoughts come out best. All I’ve been trying to do this semester is to discover who I am and I think I’m reaching to that potential. Believing in myself. 

i really like this photo, make me thinking of someone, this photo make happy, make me smile, make all my problem just fade away with the winds and also i like yellow.!!

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